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Getting Started

To get in on the action and start betting, customers will simply need to deposit funds and then log into the Betting World website using their account number and password. For security reasons, we urge customers to keep their account details in a safe place and it is advisable to change their password from time to time. This can be done by logging in and clicking on "My Account".

Betting World has bank accounts with the major banks, the details of which can be found below. Once customers have deposited funds into a Betting World bank account, they then need to process a deposit notification by logging in and clicking on the "Funding" tab under "My Account". Processing a deposit notification will ensure that we are able to quickly and efficiently process your deposit and credit your betting account with the funds.

If you experience any problems or require any assistance, then please contact us on 087 741 2700 or via [email protected]

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