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Betting World is an accountable institution that is bound by the requirements of the Financial Intelligence Act.

FICA and gambling regulations require that Betting World verify the details a customer submitted when opening an account.

Customers are therefore required to submit the following documentation:

A copy of their identity document (South African ID document) or valid passport.

Proof of residence not older than 3 months (preferably a utility bill such as a Telkom or electricity bill).

Proof of banking (either a cancelled cheque, a copy of your bank statement or a letter from the bank) in order to verify banking details for payout purposes.

We kindly request that customers email all documents to [email protected] or alternatively MMS them to 0818124448.

Please note that in terms of the aforementioned regulations, Betting World is obligated to suspend an account in the event that we have not received the necessary supporting documentation once an account has been opened.