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In these national bookmaker operational rules, unless inconsistent with the context, the word and expressions used have the meaning assigned to them in the national or provincial laws, regulations and rules and-

ante post bet

means any bet on horse racing, sport or other event or contingency accepted by a bookmaker before the final field is declared;

approved wagering system

means any wagering system certified as compliant with the requirements of SANS 1718, Part IV, and approved by the relevant PLA;

betting in-running

means when quotes or prices on selected events or contestants are updated during the event. Thus betting occurs after the official start but before the official end of an event;

betting slip or ticket

means a manual, mechanical or electronically generated document, making reference to details so as adequately to identify all information on betting transactions either physically concluded with a patron or appearing within the patron’s account information reflected on the wagering system;


means a person who directly or indirectly lays fixed odds bets or open bets with members of the public or other bookmakers, or takes such bets with other bookmakers or with the holder of a totalisator licence;


means an event or occurrence of which the outcome is uncertain or unknown to any person until it happens;

connected bet

means a bet where the same selection is picked for two or more different events;


means a person who places a bet with a licensed bookmaker/totalisator operator. The words customer/punter/investor/bettor shall have a similar meaning;


refer to rule 18;

fixed odds bet

means a bet on one or more contingencies in which odds are agreed at the time the bet is placed;

fixed place bet

means a place bet at fixed odds agreed upon prior to the event subject to there being no deductions or dead heats;

fixed win bet

means a win bet at fixed odds agreed upon prior to the event subject to there being no deductions or dead heats;

lay a bet

means the acceptance of a potential financial loss by a licensed bookmaker should the bet win;

key bet

means a "place bet” where the 1st two positions count;

match play

means any sporting event limited to two participants;

match race

means a horse race limited to two participants;

multiple bet or multiple event bet or all to come (ATC)

means more than one selection in different horse races, sporting events or contingencies, combined to form one bet; and is subject to Rule 4 and Rule 5

open bet


(a) a bet, other than a totalisator bet, taken by a bookmaker on one or more contingencies, in which no fixed odds are agreed at the time the bet is placed; or

(b) a bet in respect of which the payout is determined after the outcome of the contingency on which such a bet is struck became known, with reference to dividends generated by a totalisator;

other contingency

means any lawful event or contingency other than horse racing or a sporting contest;

provincial licensing authority (PLA)

means a body established by provincial laws to regulate casinos, racing, gambling or wagering;

place a bet

means to anticipate a financial gain should the bet win;

place bet

means a bet on a participant being placed in accordance with the rules of the particular race, sporting event or contingency;

related bet

means a bet where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes directly to the outcome of the other;

scratching or withdrawal

means a participant has been withdrawn from a particular race or event prior to the start thereof;

single bet or single event bet

means a selection of a single contestants for a bet in a horse race, sporting event, other event or contingency;


means any recognised Bookmakers’ Association or Society;

starting price

means a bet where the odds are the official fixed price of the selected contestant at the time of commencement of the event and the bet is successful when the selection is placed first in the event. Official fixed price may be subject to deductions and/or dead heats;


means the monetary outlay by the customer in placing a bet;

totalisator bet

means a bet placed with a licensed totalisator in a system of betting in which the aggregate amount staked on such event or combination of events, after deduction from such aggregate amount of any amounts which may in terms of legislation be deducted there from, is divided amongst those persons who have made winning bets on any event or combination of events in proportion to the amounts staked by such persons in respect of such winning;


means the profit portion of a winning bet;

win bet

means any bet where the person who placed the bet correctly predicted the result of the event or contingency or combination thereof in respect of which the bet was placed;

with a run bet or given a run bet

is any bet accepted by a bookmaker after the final field is declared;

wooden spoon bet

means a fixed odds bet on a selection to finish last in a sporting event involving three or more participants and is not applicable to horse racing.