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Tennis (rule 36)

The following shall apply to tennis-


A tennis match is deemed to have commenced with the first serve. However, if a match ends prematurely due to either player’s retirement or disqualification all match selections are void.


If a match is postponed and rescheduled, all bets stand. If the match is not played within 24 hours, match selections are void.


Bets stand regardless of any change of venue or court surface.


For sets betting, if the match does not start or is unfinished due to either players’ incapacity or disqualification, the selections are void.


In the event of a change in the total number of sets played, match bets will stand but set betting will be void.


Ante post bets struck on an outright winner for any Grand Slam or Championship title will be subject to a three-day run and deduction rule, i.e. if a tournament starts on a Monday, bets taken from and including the Friday before the commencement of the tournament, should the player withdraw from that time (the Friday) until the Monday it commences and the balance of the field subject to existing horse-racing deduction rules. Any bets taken before the Friday (i.e. prior to three days before the scheduled start of the tournament) will be deemed losers should a player withdraw for any reason whatsoever.