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Motorsports (rule 33)

The following shall apply to motorsports-


In the case of championship betting-

(a) bets stand on all drivers whether or not they participate; provided that drivers must start at least one race.

(b) results will be determined based on the official points standings upon the initial declaration of the official result by the relevant recognised governing body of the finalevent for championship purposes. The championship result will not be affected by any subsequent protests, processes or amendments to placings.


In the case of Grand Prix betting-

(a) for settlement purposes the podium position or medal ceremony immediately after the race shall count as the official result. The result will not be affected by any subsequent protests, processes or amendments to placing;

(b) in the event that the number of laps in the race is reduced for any reason, bets will stand and the podium finish applied to determine the outcome of the event;

(c) selections will be void on any driver who withdraws from the race prior to the commencement of the warm-up lap (also referred to as the formation or practice lap). Once the warm-up lap is underway, all contestants are "under starter’s orders” and all bets stand.

(d) In the case of "head-to-head” betting between two drivers or cars, if either or both fails to finish, the outcome will be determined in accordance with which car or driver completes the most laps, even if the number of laps is reduced for any reason. In the event that both are accredited with completing the same number of laps, dead heat rules apply.


Any selections on the constructors’ title will stand whether they participate or not provided that one of the constructors’ cars must start at least one race.