Betting Browser

Tab Sports

Placing a Tab sports bet is as quick and easy as following these steps.


Click on the Tab sports image under the Betting Browser.



A list of sports bet types with available betting will be displayed. Browse to the sport which you wish to bet on and select your preferred bet type under the applicable sport.


The market selection interface which is displayed will depend on the sport and bet type which you selected.



Markets are selected by clicking on the price field for the market which you wish to bet on. The price field will highlight in blue once a selection has been made. Clicking on the price field again will remove the selection or alternatively click the "Clear” button to remove all selections.

The number of times which you wish to take the bet is available via a drop down situated below the market selection interface.



Once all market selections have been made, you can now enter the amount in the "Stake” field which you wish to wager on the bet type and then click "Place Bet”. It should be noted that the Tab has prescribed minimum stake values for their bet types, with the minimum bet typical being R6